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Hull Singing Lessons

Hull Vocal Coaching

Friendly, personalised 1:1 singing lessons with professional vocalist Laura Andersson, for beginners to Advanced and also Vocal coaching for professional actors and singers. 

Laura will help you understand and unlock your voice, working through singing techniques, breath control whilst expanding  your repertoire.

You will receive a rehearsal track of your songs, sheet music and lyrics. 

Main areas of focus are: Vocal techniques, developing head voice and chest voice into a mix. Breath control, facial and musical control, vocal health and hygiene to ensure safe singing, acting through song, vocal expression, communication, movement and character portrayal. 

Whilst developing performance skills, Laura works on confidence and communication skills which can be conveyed into other areas of a students life. 

Online Sessions - SKYPE or ZOOM

Around the UK

Vocal Coaching

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Singing and Acting Lessons

Laura is an associate of The London College of Music and LAMDA teaching LCM Music Theatre Examinations & LAMDA exams:


London College of Music


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Students performance videos and snippets of lessons and vocal coaching sessions are regularly shared on social media. CHECK IT OUT!


Every term students have the opportunity to perform in  a show/concert/gig whether  at a local venue or online, we definately pull in the audiences.

What you can achieve:

  • Professional Actors update and work through your repetoire folder.

  • College & Sixth-from students receive coaching for your drama school auditions and recalls. - Laura has sat on audition panels.

  • Examinations - London College of Music Examinations with a 100% pass rate. Highest mark  99% GRADE 7.

Laura works with self accompanying musicians to develop: a good repertoire/set list, vocal techniques, posture for vocals and  breath support. 


Musical Theatre


Pop Vocals


Music Theory

Lesson Prices: 

30 minutes £20

60 minutes £30

Laura has completed:
•Mini First Aid Course (2 day course) - for babies, children and adults
•Mental Health First Aid Course (2 day Course)
•Safeguarding Children: A Shared Responsibility (Level 1) Awareness Recognition & Responses
•ERSCB and CPD certificate Safeguarding Children in Education V1.1
•Keeping children (&staff) safe in Education

•Schools Data Protection eLearning and Data Protection Test


Due to the current lockdown and government guidelines, There is a lesson option: face to face lesson adhering to strict safety guidlines and procedures OR lessons will be online using SKYPE or ZOOM

All backing tracks and sheet music will be sent via email to ensure the lesson can run smoothly.

I am taking advice from Equity, Music Union & The National Council of Drama Schools to ensure Health and Safety considerations are in place ready for a phased return to face to face lessons.  

L.A Singing Tuition - Safety Instruction Video 

in response to the next phase of the pandemic lockdown restrictions.

from L.A Singing Tuition owner Laura Andersson:
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Contact Laura on:

(+44)77 073 723 73






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