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Operation 25

Over the last week I have been educating myself in support of #blacklivesmatter I would like to reinforce the need for active change and I feel it is important to keep these conversations going but more important implement the change. A good start is to educate ourselves and encourage others to do the same...

Using this time in lockdown I feel I have had to change and adapt to the restrictions:

I struggle to even type this let alone say it aloud, but theatres are temporarily closed.

It has been a very difficult time for the performing arts industry, TV, Film and Theatre have had to adapt to the current lockdown climate, but it has meant that theatre is more accessible to audiences throughout the world.

I was approached by a fellow actor and also The East Riding Theatre to create a play, here's the catch - it needs to be online. I have enjoyed watching a lot of recorded plays, and have to admit it has felt very surreal and gives a completely different feel.I miss even the smelll of theatres, and the noise of the audience at your beginners call before they are hushed for the show.

Louise Willoughby and I began searching for the perfect script and of course talented writer sent us the perfect script - OPERATION 25.

Set in Hull, two old school friends in their twenties meet after their friendship had become fractious.

We decided to create a sight specific play not a film!

In separate locations we liaised well to created shot frames that looked like we were next to each other or at least in the same room. We had to consider, lighting, height of the camera, and type of shot.

It felt strange talking to an ipad, but this was something that eventually felt normal. A beautiful relationship formed with these two character, a truth, ral conversation and surprisingly an intimacy.

I have certainly practiced my camera skills and also editing skills. Each line had to be make into a separate clip and muted on every other line, trimmed, voice overs and soundtrack, you name it I did it.... it took hours! But I can finally say, we did it !

Check it out below or if you want to get a taster of the play have a watch of our trailer.

I present Operation 25 written by Laura Turner, produced by East Riding Theatre.

Support my local theatre

Donations can be made on their website.

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