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Let's Zoom...!

Wow! What a difference 4 weeks makes.

I am going into my 5th week of online lessons (using Zoom and Skype), having never done this before and I have to say i was very nervous, what about technical difficulties i kept asking myself... However I am very much enjoying it. So far, sooooo good!

It requires organisation, making sure students have copies of baking tracks, lyrics and sheet music, but it really does allow a directed and focused lesson.

I offer one to one singing lessons and vocal coaching (there is a huge difference), and sometimes both of these things come into play in lessons.

Sessions run exactly the same, warm up, technique work and then putting it into practice with repertoire. It is so wonderful how quickly we have all adapted to these changes but we must and we are all in support of our #NHS, and aware of #stayhomesavelives. One of my students Megan aged 12 rewrote the lyrics to 'This is Me' from the greatest showman and has received such amazing support and feedback after posting it on facebook. Check it out on our face book page: Laura Andersson Singing Lessons, we are super proud of you Meg, after she made local newspaper and ITV news. So very moving and also demonstrating the impact music can have at a time like this on all of us!

It has been lovely to welcome new students, professional actors and performers, whom have booked in for vocal coaching through their rep folders and also to refresh them with new material. It really is a good time to start... no distractions, it gives time to focus on yourself, what makes you happy and what makes you positive!

Having gone online with lessons I felt it only right to create an online concert. Some of my students weren't so keen but some jumped at the opportunity. We are at a stage now where, #selftapeauditions are becoming ever increasing, so why not get students used to this now. It is a very nerve wracking process but I am so pleased to say it was released in the week and we have had Stunning feedback. Check it out on my youtube channel Laura Andersson. Virtual Spring Concert Act 1 and Act 2

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