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Facebook Live!

So I actually performed on Facebook live! Now that is something I never thought I would be able to say. I prepared a 30 minute set for my performance, that was the easy part, and always my favourite part. The most difficult element was getting the sound levels right. After days of experimenting with a plug in mike, a PA system and various speakers.

The event was amazing, I have certainly missed that feeling of performing live. It's one thing perfecting and recording, and another being part of something live.

I would be lying if I said I didn't have a few butterflies, but I decided to trust my judgement as a performer and use my PA system. which provided amazing sound quality. I love my speakers that I got from local shop Gough and Davy. I put on my sparkly dress, curled my hair and even put a bit of lippy on for the occasion haha! (first time in weeks) warmed up, even got a my theatre calss from my friend voice noting me to say 'Laura Andersson this is your 30 minute call'... I love my friends, always so supportive.

It was such a surreal moment in my career, making your living room a concert venue and your kitchen becoming the green room, just wish i'd got my agent to put my rider into the venue manage. Also I have to thank my hubby for introducing me and being my on hand sound guy. I have always respected and understood the need for a talented sound engineers during performances, and I certainly missed that factor, but Ben you were a wonderful replacement.

I received such support and lovely comments through the performance, so much so I ended up finishing with a 15 minute encore. Thank you to everyone who shared, watched and commented, it really made it a night to remember.

Most importantly we raised money for East Riding Theatre, you can donate on their website:

To the important part: was their an after party? My hubby hosted a zoom after party to celebrate with family and friends! Yes their was a lot of fizz consumed. *hicough*

If you missed it, why not make an evening of it: check out my performance on the East Riding Theatre Facebook page.

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