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Hull Choir - Hull Singing Teacher - Hull Vocal Coach

LA Performance Choir

* Hull's new friendly performance choir for all*

Do you love to sing?

Would you like to meet new people?

Are you looking for a new hobby?

Laura Andersson is a professional vocalist, singing teacher and vocal coach. She performs regularly with local group the 'Two Pianos' and is delighted to be launching this new choir in Hull. 'LA Performance Choir'.

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Laura Andersson is looking for male and female singers to join Hull's new choir.

Do you have to be at a certain level of singing?

NO - you can be a beginner

Is their an age limit?

NO - you can be any age

Do you have to commit to every practice session?

NO - you only pay for the session you attend

Do I have to know what voice type I am?

NO - in our practice sessions we can help you understand your voice and range


Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre, Jazz,  Country, Classical Medleys - Music to suit everyone

Termly  Performances where you can invite family and friends


Launching soon - Get in touch today to express your interest!

LA Performance Choir

Hull Choir - Hull Singing Teacher - Hull Vocal Coach

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